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GERB - Profile of a Company Group



In 1907, the history of GERB began when its founder, William Gerb, had the idea of using steel springs to protect work areas and surrounding neighbourhoods from machinery vibrations. Since then, the GERB Group has continued to develop this idea, solving dynamic problems in many new fields of application.


Machinery and equipment in power generation and metal forming plants now employ active vibration isolation systems to protect the neighbourhood from vibrations and to reduce foundation size and cost. Sensitive measurement and test equipment, and even entire buildings, employ a passive isolating system to protect against disturbing vibrations from nearby machines and traffic, or from earthquakes. Both active and passive isolation systems permit easy realignment of the foundation when poor soil conditions cause the foundation to settle.



Our Activities:

         Design, manufacturing and installation of  elastic foundation systems consisting of spring elements and viscous dampers for power plant machinery, including turbine-generators, boiler feed pumps, coal mills and coal crushers, fans, diesel generators and piping systems, to reduce vibrations and structure bone noise, to protect against subsidence, to protect against earthquakes and to reduce foundation costs.

         Elastic support systems for metal forming machinery (forging hammers, presses), machine tools, shredders, compressors, centrifuges, test stands, and textile machinery to protect the machine operator and nearby sensitive equipment from vibrations at the work location, to protect the neighbourhood against disturbing vibrations and structure borne noise.

         Elastic support systems for precicision machinery of all types (e.g. roll grinders, laser measurement machines, test machines, and microscopes) to protect against disturbing vibrations from nearby machinery, equipment and traffic.

         Earthquake protection of machinery, technical equipment and buildings using the GERB BCS (Base Control System) consisting of spring units and Viscodampers.

         Tuned mass dampers (TMD's) are a special type of vibration protection, used to stabilize and reduce vibrations of bridges, buildings, stadiums and chimneys. TMD's reduce structural vibrations caused by wind, earthquakes, machinery or traffic.


Today, the GERB Group with its headquarters in Berlin, Germany and subsidiaries with production in Bangalore-India, Qingdao-China, St. Nazaire-France and Sao Paulo-Brazil is operating worldwide. Technical offices in Chicago-USA, Cordoba-Argentine, Essen-Germany, Madrid-Spain, Milano-Italy, Noida-India, Paris-France Prague-Czechia, and St. Petersburg-Russia are prepared to solve your vibration problems.









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