With more that  50 years experience and hundreds of applications world-wide we are  a leading designer and manufacturer of bridge bearings, expansion joints, seismic devices, noise barriers, fittings for tunnels, vibration damping systems.

Numbers and strong points of FIP:

-         Our average yearly turnover is 60,000,000 EUR.

-         We have 250 employees, 30% of this is a specialised staff of engineers and technicians.

-         We invest 10% of our turnover in Research, so that we can always offers new technologies and keep our customers ahead of competitors.

-         Our test laboratory is equipped with all the necessary machinery for dynamic and static test including a test rig affording application of  80,000 kN vertical, 7,500 kN transverse, 1,500  kN longitudinal loads, and a 680 kW hydraulic power supply system for dynamic testing, providing 1,150 l/min flow rate  at  300 bar pressure.

-         We work in accordance to the most stringent requirements set by international specifications (BS, AASHTO, DIN,  SNCF, EN, CNR). We have been certified ISO 9001 since 1992 and have received numerous other certifications from international institutions, including three Zulassungen from Germany,  the Hitech approval from USA and the approval from Italian High Speed Railway technical service.

-         Our production facility has a manufacturing capacity of 20,000 devices per year.

-         We have marketing facilities in more than 40 countries