- Prof. Vyacheslav Beliaev
- Prof. Jacob Eisenberg
- Prof. Vladimir Smirnov

Dear friends Slava, Jacob and Vladimir:

It is quite hard for me to find the right words to express my deepest sympathy with you and the Russian Nation on the awful massacre that destroyed the life and the souls of so many innocent kids and their teachers and parents. This is again a dreadful crime against the entire mankind, made worse by the fact that it was committed against kids, who are the so vulnerable future of mankind. Those who committed such a crime have no rights to be counted among human beings: not even the most merciless wild beasts are capable of such actions.

Absolutely no reasons can justify such acts. I am sure to also fully express the feelings of all ASSISi members: I wish to simply remember the words that we wanted in Article 1-2 of our Statutes, when founding the association after the Twin Towers massacre: "As Assisi is internationally known as the city of Saint Francis, it carries a meaning of "Peace and International Cooperation". Having ASSISi as the acronym for the Society reaffirms the founders' willingness to take a clear symbolic position against terrorism and their desire through concerted activities to build a better and safer world through international cooperation and collaboration".

Let's try to go on with these objectives, in spite of these quite hard times.

A big hug,