Members will be saddened to learn of the passing of Bill Robinson early on Wednesday August 17th. He was both a Founding Member of ASSISi and a member of the Executive Committee.

Bill Robinson has made an outstanding contribution to the seismic safety of structures, particularly in his development of the lead-rubber bearing, a device now protecting thousands of buildings and structures in many earthquake-prone countries. That work made Bill a key person in the application of base isolation technology. His unbridled enthusiasm and inventiveness resulted, over the years, in his continuing experimentation with new types of anti-seismic device.

Despite the difficulties of travel, Bill was a regular and active participant at ASSISi’s biennial World Conference. Many of us had come to regard him not just as a fellow engineer but as a friend. To honour Bill Robinson and his contributions to base isolation and ASSISi, the Society will dedicate its forthcoming World Conference, which takes place next month in Sochi, Russia , to his memory
On behalf of ASSISi, I have sent a message of sympathy to his family and colleagues in the New Zealand earthquake engineering community.

Members may wish to read a brief tribute to Bill Robinson at

Keith Fuller
ASSISi President